What Are the Benefits of Biotin For Hair Loss?

What are the benefits of vitamin B7 or biotin for hair loss?  You'll find the answer to that question in this article, as well as some other information about the things that affect the hair's health and appearance, as well as the skin and nails.

The health and appearance of the skin, hair and nails are closely related.  Any health problem affecting the "inside" of the body will ultimately show up on the outside of the body. 

\"Biotin For Hair Loss\"

Sometimes, the first symptoms of an illness or disease are visible in skin problems, brittle nails or thinning hairlines, before other symptoms are noticed.  That is particularly true of nutritional deficiencies.

What Are the Benefits of Biotin For Hair Loss?

Blood tests can be used to measure for nutritional deficiencies, but because there are so many essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, doctors rarely check for all of them, unless they are having difficulty diagnosing an illness.  What that means to you is that a visit to the doctor will usually lead to a prescription for something that works for most people. 

It's the "let's try this attitude". Blood tests are so expensive.  A doctor might recommend biotin for hair loss, but more than likely, a prescription for Propecia (finasteride) will be written.

Propecia doesn't work for everyone.  When it does work, the mechanism of action, according to the pharmaceutical companies, is to inhibit an enzymatic reaction that converts free testosterone in the bloodstream to DHT, dihydrotestosterone. 

In some people, the follicles that produce hairs are sensitive to DHT.  When they are exposed to it, they begin to shrink, stop producing and may eventually die. 

The sensitivity is attributed to genetic differences.  Some researchers believe that they have identified the single gene that accounts for the difference. 

- It is a necessary cofactor for the metabolism of amino acids, from which the body produces the protein keratin, the primary structural proteins that make up human hairs
- It is necessary for a cell growth (hairs are composed of individual cells)
- It is necessary for the body to produce fatty acids, which are the primary components of the natural oils produced by the body.  The oils prevent breakage and provide protection from damaging wind, sun and styling.
- In general, taking biotin for hair loss strengthens the hair and improves the condition of the fingernails, too. Fingernails and skin cells are also composed of keratin.

Although vitamin B7 is found in many foods, much of it is not absorbed into the bloodstream.  That could explain why many people need a supplement.

The most effective nutritional regimen would be to take a supplement designed specifically for alopecia (unexplained hair-loss or balding), even if you are already taking a multi-vitamin.  Men with male pattern baldness benefit from a supplement that contains saw palmetto, too.  Its action is similar to Propecia, but not accompanied by side effects.

In addition to taking biotin for hair loss, you can also try a topically applied solution.  Just be sure to do a little comparative shopping, before you buy. Some solutions do not contain ingredients that are proven effective.

What Are the Benefits of Biotin For Hair Loss?

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